Business as usual

With some small changes.

Read more about how you can still look at Equity Release during these difficult times

With social distancing rules now in place and strict restrictions on home visits, can you still look at Equity Release as an option for you?


We are all having to adapt our lives to the new restrictions in place, and for some companies this is proving more difficult than for others. At Your Time Equity Release we have always offered our full Equity Release service from a distance over the phone, on line or by post. It is therefore business as usual (with some small changes).

All our advisers are working from home.

All of our dedicated and highly experienced advisers are currently working remotely from home, but still have access to all the lender information in the market. We can still offer you ‘live’ interest rate and loan information over the phone, quickly and without a lengthy conversation.

Valuations can be carried out remotely.

As part of the process your home will need to be independently valued and this normally involves a physcial viewing of your home. Due to the current social distancing rules in place, this cannot curently be done. Howwever many lenders have already put in place procedures for your home to be valued remotely without the need for a physical investigation.

Not all lenders have got this arrangement in place yet, but at Your Time we can tell you straight away which lenders and which products are offering this service. This is another advantage of using a truly independent Equity Release company who has access to all the lenders in the market, not just a select few.

Solicitors have measures in place to ensure your safety.

The Equity Release Council have strict rules in place stating that you must obtain independent legal advice during the application process and that this meeting must be face to face. Due to the current restrictions the Equity Release Council has relaxed this rule slightly and some solicitors have already put in place measures to ensure you are still receiving fully independent legal advice, but can also ensure your safety and security while meeting social distancing rules.

Don’t forget, not all solicitors charge the same and at Your Time we have special arrangements in place with a select panel of firms to ensure your legal costs are as low as possible without compromising the service and more impoortantly, your safety.

Always ask how much your solicitor fees will be BEFORE you agree to go ahead.  At Your TIme Equity Release we fully explain all the costs before you make the final decision.

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Complete the form below and we will send you detailed information about Equity Release, including a personalised quote on the amount you could release and the interest rates that are available.

Not sure how much you want or need to release?  Don’t worry we will send you a range of amounts and interest rates from all the lenders in the market.

If you remain unsure or are still concerned about any aspect of the process at this time, don’t worry, we can always put your enquiry on hold at any point during the process and look at it again when you are more comfortable. You are never under any obligation to go ahead with any of our recommendations and will never be charged any fees unless the application completes.

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Being independent brokers, we deal with all the providers in the Equity Release market.

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