Can I release equity from my property?

Can you release equity from your home?

To be able to release equity from your home

You must:

checkOwn your own home.

checkBe over the age of 55

Your home must:

checkBe a house, flat or a maisonette

checkBe freehold or leasehold (subject to minimum leasehold terms remaining)

checkHave a minimum value of £70,000

checkBe located in the UK

It is possible to release equity on a second home, that is not your main residence or on a buy to let property or a portfolio of buy to let properties. The amounts you can release on a second home or buy to let properties will be lower than on your main residence.

What you do with the money you release is almost entirely up to you.
You can use your money to:

Repay your existing mortgage and have no further monthly repayments

Repay any loans, credit cards or other debts

Make some home improvements

Take that dream holiday you have always wanted

Buy a new car

Help out the family

Simply help to improve your lifestyle

Or one of many other reasons, the possibilities are almost endless

If your property does not meet these criteria, we would recommend you contact us to discuss your options as we may still be able to help.

One of our friendly and helpful advisers will fully discuss your options and make a recommendation that is suitable for you.
We always strongly recommend you discuss your decisions with your family and they are always welcome to be included in any discussions we have with you.