Aviva Lifetime Mortgage.

Aviva Lifetime Mortgage

The Aviva Lifetime Mortgage has the option of a cash lump sum or a drawdown to allow you to take further lump sums as and when you need them.

Minimum age – 55

Maximum age – no maximum 

Available to home owners over the age of 55 with no maximum age.

Cashback available – Yes

Choice of £0, £500 or £1,000.  The interest rate is affected by the choice of cashback.

Drawdown available – Yes 

Available with a minimum facility of £5,000 and a minimum withdrawal of £2,000 per withdrawal.

Medically enhanced plans available – Yes

Higher loan amounts or lower interest rates available for medically or lifestyle issues.

Inheritance Protection available – Yes

Inheritance protection must be selected before the application is made.

Voluntary overpayments – Yes

After the first anniversary of the plan payments of up to 10% of the initial loan amount can be made without penalty.  Minimum payments of £500 can be made up to 4 times per calendar year.

Early repayment charges 

Early repayment charges of up to 25% of the loan, depending on Gilt rates.


A Lifetime Mortgage allows you to release a tax free cash lump from your home to spend and use as and how you wish.  There are normally no repayments to make to the loan with the interest being added to the loan each month.  The interest rate is normally fixed for the life of the loan and the loan is only repayable when the property is sold, which normally happens when you die or go in to long term care.  In the case of joint applicants this normally happens when the second applicant dies or goes in to long term care.

Please contact us to today for more information on the Aviva Lifetime Mortgage.  We are completely independent Equity Release advisers and will recommend a plan from a provider that suits you best.  We will compare all providers in the Equity Release market to ensure the plan we recommend meets your personal requirements.