Sun Life Equity Release Plans.

Are you dealing directly or simply being passed on?

Sun Life is a very well respected and very well known brand.  They have recently started offering the new Sun Life Equity Release service, but is it really a Sun Life plan or are you simply being passed on to another company?

With Carol Vorderman appearing in the TV adverts and the service being branded as the ‘Sun Life Equity Release service’ you would expect that you would be dealing with a well known and long established brand, however would you be surprised to find that out Sun Life are simply passing your details on to another company to deal with?

Sun Life are not Equity Release lenders or advisers

This is not unusual and there is absolutely nothing wrong with what they are doing.  You cannot buy Equity Release plans directly from providers like Aviva or Legal & General or even Sun Life for that matter.  Whenever you take out an Equity Release plan you need to get advice from a fully qualified Equity Release adviser.  So if you contact any of the Equity Release providers directly they will pass you onto an adviser who can help, or direct you to where you can find an adviser.  Some providers have links with specialist Equity Release advisers who will give you the advice and recommend a plan that is suitable for you.  However not all Equity Release advisers are 100% independent and some can only recommend a plan from a specific provider.

We offer the same level of advice as Sun Life, but on a fixed fee basis of £695, not a minimum of £1,295 or a percenatge on higher loan amounts.