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Instant on line quote.


Complete the form below to get current “on screen” details of the interest rates from the most competitive lenders. This screen will show you how interest rates can vary depending on how much cash you want to release. As interest rates change frequently our brokers are constantly reviewing them to ensure you will always benefit from the most competitive terms.

Although the interest rate is an important factor, there may be other options that could influence your final decision and the plan that we recommend.

We will send you a personalised quote in the post based on a specific amount of cash you could release. You do not need to talk to an adviser or call centre to achieve this. Simply confirm your details below and you will receive your quote in the next couple of days.  If you have any questions then please call us on 0800 612 5112.

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With over 140 different Equity Release plans in the market, how do you know you are getting the best deal?


Your Time are completely independent which means we deal with all the providers in this market.  By comparing the entire product range we can offer you the best advice at the lowest price.

All research and initial advice is free of charge. You are never under any obligation to go ahead with any recommendations we make.

Compare our charges

Many companies charge a percentage of the amount you release with a minimum fee of £1,500 upwards. Our maximum charge will never exceed £695.  If you do not proceed we guarantee that you will not have to pay us anything for the services provided.

With all the Lifetime Mortgages we recommend:

You retain ownership of your home and can stay in your home for the rest of your life.

You are never at risk of losing possession of your home or being forced to sell your home while the property is maintained.

You will never leave a debt with the ‘No Negative Equity Guarantee’

No matter what happens to house prices or how much the loan increases to, you will never leave a debt even if the value of your home is lower than the amount repayable.

You can downsize or move home and move the mortgage with you

if you decide you want to move or downsize your Lifetime Mortgage can move house with you without the need to repay the loan, subject the new property meeting the lenders criteria.

We deal with all the providers in the market:

Aviva Equity Release

Bridgewater Equity Release

Canada Life Equity Release

Hodge Lifetime Mortgage

Just Equity Release

LV Equity Release

Legal & General Equity Release

more 2 life equity release

One Family Equity Release

Pure Equity Release

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