What are the fees and charges?

When you setup a new Lifetime Mortgage you must get independent advice from a specialist Equity Release adviser or broker.

There are several fees and charges that will vary depend on the company you use and the product they reocmmend.


Advice Fees


This will vary depending on the company you select with many companies charging you a percentage fo the amount you release, which can be as high as 2.2%. For a Lifetime Mortgage of £100,000 this can be as much as £2,200.

At Your TIme Equity Release we do not believe in chargnig a percentage of the amount you release, we charge a fixed fee of £695 no matter how much you release.


Product fees


With over 200 different plans and features in the market the amount you could pay to setup a Lifetime Mortgage will depend on the features and options you need.

Many providers do not charge any setup or arrangement fees, but in certain circumstances it can be beneficial to pay for extra features or to obtain a lower interest rate.  At Your Time we will select and recommend the best plan with the lowest setup fees to meet your personal needs.


Valuation fees


During the process your home will need to independently valued by a surveyor.  This is organised by the lender directly.  In most cases there is no charge for this valution to be carried out.



Solcitor fees


You will need to get independent legal advice during the process.  You can use your own solicitor for this and negotiate your own fees, however we find that using solicitors who are not used to dealing with Equity Release can cause delays and confusion.  We can recommend a specialist solicitor from our panel who is experienced in dealing with Equity Release for a fixed fee.  For a standard case in England and Wales this could be as low as £570, whcih is fully inclusive of VAT and a home visit.  Some companies take a commision from the solicitor making the cost to you more expensive, at Your Time we NEVER accept commission from the solicitor making this cost cheaper for you. 


The Your Time Guarantee:

    • Fixed fees of £695 – not a percentage of the amount you release.


    • No call centres or sales calls.


    • No Completion-No Fee Guaranteed.


    • Full independent advice service.

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