Lump sum Lifetime Mortgage

A lump sum Lifetime Mortgage provides a tax free cash lump sum as a one off payment.

The amount you can release will be dependent on your age and the value of your property.  To be eligible to release a lump sum you must be over the age of 55 and own a home that is worth at least £70,000.

The interest rate is set at the start of the new Lifetime Mortgage and is fixed for life, menaing the rate will never go up or down not matter what happens to Bank Of England interest rates.

There are no requirements to make any repayments to the Lifeitme Mortgage at any point.  The interest charged is added to the loan on a monthly, which means the amount repayable will increase quite quickly.

The Your Time Guarantee:

    • Fixed fees of £695 – not a percentage of the amount you release.


    • No call centres or sales calls.


    • No Completion-No Fee Guaranteed.


    • Full independent advice service.

lump sum lifetime mortgage

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