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Refer a friend.

Refer a Friend

Details of the person you are referring


Unfortunately we cant guarantee we can help everyone, but if we can we will pay you £100 for each case we complete.  Refer as many people as you like and spend the cash how you like.

Releasing equity from a property may not be suitable for everyone, there are therefore certain terms and conditions that apply to be eligible to receive your £100 payment.

We will only pay £100 for each referral that leads to a successfully completed equity release plan.

You can make as many referrals as you like.

Payment will be made by cheque to you and sent to the address we hold on file.

To ensure you are identified as being the referrer your reference MUST be noted on any referrals sent to us.

Any referrals made without a correct and valid reference will not be noted as having been received through this service and referral fees will not be payable.

Payment of the £100 referral fee will only be made once the new equity release plan has been completed and the money has been released.

Your Time Equity Release reserves the right to amend these terms and conditions at any time.

Your Time Equity Release reserves the right to withdraw the Refer A Friend scheme at any time.

Only one referral fee will be paid per new client referred to us, should the same person be referred by more than one previous client the first referral notice received will be classed as the original referrer.  We cannot accept any liability for any delay in receipt of referral made by post or through our website.

Any referrals made will not be passed on to any third parties.

We will not provide you with any information in relation to any advice given to any persons you refer to us and will only confirm if we were successful in transacting business with them.

We will not provide you with any updates or progress reports on business being transacted and will only inform you if we were successful in transacting business by way of payment of your referral fee.

We will only confirm if we were unable to transact any business upon request.  We will not confirm a reason why we were not able to transact the business.

Any information provided to us will be dealt with under the Data Protection Act.