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You could release anything from:


Here are your live rates:


Release amount from You can release up to: Fixed interest rate Cash release as % of your property value
£10,000   4.32%  

This table shows a snapshot of 'live rates' for different amounts of cash released based on your age and property value. We have access to over 400 schemes to choose from in the UK market. We are experts at finding the best value solution for your Equity Release requirements.

Now that you have an idea of how much you can release and what it will cost, why not request your personal report & quote based on a specific amount of cash release. We will send this in the post for you to look at in the comfort of your own home.

We will provide you with quotes based on a range of amounts which will show how interest rates are affected by the size of the loan
e.g higher loans have higher interest rates.

We do not use a call centre or sales team. Contact details are optional and we would only use them to clarify any information we may need to ensure that we get the best deal for you.

How are these figures calculated?

The amount you can release is based on a proportion of the value or your home. Therefore, the higher the value of your home, the more you can release.

How does age affect the amount that can be released?

The age of the youngest applicant affects the percentage amount you can release. Older ages can release higher proportions of the property value.

What will it cost?

Currently, interest rates range from 4.32% to 6.79%. We have access to every lender in the market. Our mission is to find the lowest cost for your requirements. We do not make any charge for the advice we provide.

All the money you release is 100% Tax Free

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You want a better lifestyle

Make home improvements

Can you downsize in the future?

What Early Repayment Charges could apply?

Clear your mortgage or debts

Go on a family holiday

How quickly will the loan increase?

Your State Benefits may be affected

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