Your Time Equity Release

Retain 100% ownership of your home.

Never risk losing your home.


With a Lifetime Mortgage you retain ownership of your home for the rest of your life.


Retaining 100% ownership of your home means that you can stay in your home until you die, move in to long term care or move out of the property on a permanent basis.  You will never be forced to sell your home or forced to move out of your home


If you do decide that you want to move or downsize at some point, most providers will allow you to move the Lifetime Mortgage to a new property, subject to the new property meeting their lending criteria.  In some circumstances this may mean having to repay some of the loan.


Retaining ownership of your home means that you will continue to benefit from any house price increases over the years, however if house prices decrease the equity in your property will also decrease.  You will never leave a debt with the No Negative Equity Guarantee and if you want to ensure you leave something to your family or loved ones you can protect some of the value of your home with the Inheritance Protection feature at no extra cost.


You are required to maintain the property and ensure you have sufficient buildings insurance on your home for the life of the loan and unless you breach the terms of the loan will never be forced to sell your home all the time you and/or your partner stay in your home.