Four steps to unlock cash from your home.


Give us a call on 0800 612 5112 to discuss any questions you have and request a brochure for more information on Equity Release and our services.

We will answer your questions, discuss your requirements and gather some information to establish what type of Equity Release Plan may be suitable for you.

After researching the whole of the market and obtaining detailed quotes we will send you a detailed report laying out out our recommendations on a plan that is suitable to you.

if we don’t think Equity Release is right for you, we will tell you.


When you have received our report you should read our recommendations and discuss it with your family.  You can talk to us and ask us any further questions you may have.  When you are happy to go ahead, return the application forms to us.

We will fully discuss the report with you and answer any questions you have to ensure you are 100% happy with the recommendations we make.  When you discussed your options with your family and returned the application forms to us, we will liaise with the proposed lender to arrange for your property to be valued to ensure you and the property meet their criteria.

You will need to appoint a solicitor to deal with the legal work on your behalf.  We always recommend using a solicitor who is experienced in Equity Release and can recommend a solicitor from our panel.


When the recommended provider has completed their enquiries and the underwriting process has been completed a formal offer will be sent to you with a copy to us and your solicitor.

We will track your application and keep you updated on the progress.  When a formal offer is issued we will check this thoroughly to ensure the terms match your requirements and our recommendation.


After the offer has been checked you will need to arrange a meeting with your solicitor to run through the legal aspects of the offer and sign the paperwork.  You can arrange this meeting at your home or a local solicitors office.

We will liaise with the provider and your solicitor to ensure the legal process runs as smoothly as possible and provide any further information that is necessary to ensure the cash is paid to you as quickly as possible.  We will keep you up to date on the progress all the way through.


You will receive your Equity Release payment directly from your solicitor.

When and how is the loan repaid?

A lifetime mortgage is normally repaid when you die or go in to long term care.  In the case of joint applicants, the loan is normally repaid on the death of the second owner or when the second owner goes in to long term.


After the death of the first owner the second owner can remain in the property for the rest of their lives and do not have to repay part or all of the loan.  When the last owner dies and the loan needs to be repaid, the house is normally sold by the estate, the outstanding loan amount and any interest that has accrued is paid back to the loan company and any remaining proceeds are paid to the estate in accordance with the will or normal probate procedures.


With a Lifetime Mortgage, at no point do you lose ownership of your home or does your estate lose control of the sale of your home on your death.  When the loan is due to be repaid your estate will have up to 12 months to sell the property and repay the loan.  At no point will the estate be forced to sell the property at less than market value and the loan company will not take control of the sale unless 100% necessary.

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