Your Time Equity Release

What can I use Equity Release for? 

How you spend your money is entirely up to you.


The money you release from your home is not only 100% tax free, but it can be used for any reason you want.


Here are some of the reasons our customers have used Equity Release:

Your Time Equity ReleaseClear Debts 


Including interest only mortgages, standard mortgages, credit card debts or other loans that are proving expensive or difficult to maintain repayments on.

Your Time Equity ReleaseHome improvements


Adding a conservatory to the home.  Updating the double glazing.  Redecorating.  Adding a patio or simply making some essential repairs to the home.

Your Time Equity ReleaseGoing on a holiday


Go on the cruise or take a long haul flight to a far away country (why not go first class?) that you have always dreamed about.

Your Time Equity ReleaseHelp out friends or family


Help out your children by gifting them a deposit on a house, or help the grandchildren with University fees.

Your Time Equity ReleaseUpdate your car 


If your car has seen better days and is starting to cost money each time it goes for an MOT, maybe you could consider updating it.

Your Time Equity ReleaseSimply having some money to make things easier 


If you are struggling month to month and never seem to have enough for the little luxuries in life, maybe a small nest egg would just help a little.